11:11 Screening Room: Screening with Aaron Tan

1 October - 31 October

We are very happy to be back with our online screenings. Throughout October we will be showing a video by artist Aaron Tan. Aaron works across performance, installation, moving images, and actions. Aaron’s practice is invested in the materiality of spaces and how they can be articulated as a porous form of writing. In October, we will be showing Aaron’s video 'for', composed from leftovers of zoom performances during lockdowns, alongside a conversation surrounding his research into the LYC Museum by the artist Li Yuan-Chia. The dialogue will focus on the moving image work as part of a material process that engages with the afterlives of materials, actions, and gestures, and the environments in which co-presence can be hosted.

Find out more about Aaron's work at






Domestic Resideny: Judith Neunhäuserer

15 November - 5 December 2021

We are really excited to be welcoming domestic resident Judith Neunhäeuserer to London in November. Judith works on attempts of demarcation, aesthetic and epistemic commonalities between (natural) science and religion. This involves, for instance, looking at myths and dreams as the basis of discoveries, the ritualisation of research processes and different languages and symbol systems.


During the stay, Judith will be preparing for an Arctic sailing expedition  happening in April 2022 http://thearcticcircle.org/. Judith is especially interested in the perspective of humanities on polar research through a feminist lens and focusses on critical perspectives of the history of „discovery and conquest“ through artistic expressions.


With 11:11, Judith will be developing research by visiting stations of past and present British polar research such as: The Antarctic Collection at the Natural History Museum, the Royal Museum in Greenwich, The Royal Geographical Society, the Scott Polar Research Institute and the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge.

Find out more about Judith's work at


Logbuch der letzten Antarktisexpedition - Performance mit Karen M. Ernst und Anna-Maria Hi

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