11:11 Online: May Residency with Meredith Morran 01.05.21 - 31.05.21

“I am writing this proposal from a data and surveillance-study wormhole and I have to admit: I’m obsessed.”

Fascinated by the intersection of the natural and artificial, New York City based video artist Meredith Morran will be exploring the various ways in which humans and technologies work both in collaboration and opposition. By looking into the politics of language and seeing Meredith will be creating a new 15 min film. Following this creation, Meredith is planning to stage a digital takeover of the film in an effort to build a self-reflexive critique of the creation of artworks via online platforms.

Find out more about Meredith’s work here


11:11 Screening Room: Savyasachi Anju Prabir

Miilelam Miiyoh (A Season of Change), 01.06 - 30.06 


Savyasachi Anju Prabir is an Indian artist working in the field of visual anthropology investigating ideas around identity, memory and histories of South Asian diaspora. Savyasachi was a resident with us in London in 2019. During his stay with us he spent time researching for a new film project concerning his family history and their settlement in Mumbai as migrants after the Indian independence in 1947. His research explored the complexities of the diversity of south asian cultures and investigates ideas surrounding memory and storytelling through video, sound, photography and text.


During June's screening room we will be showing Savyasachi's first ever film Miilelam Miiyoh (A Season of Change) and sharing our conversations. 


Deep into the forests in and around Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, where the Indian state of Nagaland shares its border with Myanmar, lives the Yimchunger tribe. The protagonists, Shetsulam and Pensokiu, offer insights into the bond they share with their immediate environment – the forests, rivers and wildlife. Even as the community tries to domesticate the mithuns (an animal endemic to northeast India) by redefining their boundaries, the film is an attempt to capture a perceptive account of the changes in their relationship with nature.

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