Suzannah Pettigrew

Suzannah is multidisciplinary artist, whose work explores the collective vs singular experience and exchange between online vs offline realities in post-human society, examining our socio-dependant relationship with technology and our evolution alongside it.

During her 11:11 Online residency with us, Suzannah developed her project 'To Scroll, is to Remember', informed by black hole research, archival nightclub imagery and video, in-conversation series, experimental generative systems, web3 semiotics and recalling memories. Suzannah created two live public performances as part of her residency.

READ THRU was a performance that emulated strands of a traditional table read; a work-in-progress script ‘To Scroll, is to Remember’ exploring the intersections between the black hole as deep space phenomena and the nightclub is read aloud; presented as a live soundscape to encourage synchronicity in the audio and visual screen share. Fragments of multimedia reference points are exposed as supporting characters, with opportunities for the audience to contribute and modify the narrative in real-time. READ THRU 2 was a continuation from the performance READ THRU. The performance culminated in a generative act created in real-time with audience contributions.

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