Stephen Sheehan

Stephen worked on a new short film History of an Orange while in residency with us, a film exploring the existential crisis that lingers beneath the continuously distracted human consciousness. 

"I'm finding this a rather heavy film to make. However, I think it will be my most interesting work. It has been challenging but enjoyable at the same time. I feel I'm lacking motivation, though that's what making work, the work.The character is within an existential conundrum with an underlying frustration about society. The film switches from 'normal filming' to the character breaking the 4th wall essentially resulting in a home movie esc footage where one directly speaks to the viewers. It's my most experimental work yet."

Sheehan is a Liverpool-based artist predominately working with actions, film and performance. He takes delight in delving into and commenting upon the absurd existence we find ourselves in. 

Stephen screened History of an Orange at the end of his residency at the 11:11 home in Hampstead.