Katrina Stamatopoulos

Scraps #1

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Scraps #2

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Scraps #11

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Scraps #1

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Title of Work: Scraps (1-11)

Medium: c-type handprints

Dimensions: Approx 25 x 30 cm

Price: £90 each

Edition Number: Unique


Free to collect in London

Shipping £6-£10


A scrap can be a small amount of something – something that has been left over, after the greater part has been used. It can relate to food – the uneaten bits left after a meal, or bits of the fruit you choose not to eat. A scrap can emphasise the smallness of something, whether it is breaking up something or disassembling it… These photographs are handprints of scrap negatives. From snippets of film collected on the ground, to unexposed sheets of film, chemical leaks, clip marks, or light fogging on photosensitive film or paper… Each photograph encompasses marks made through the developing process, collected and revived from a Commercial photographic lab in London.