Diogo da Cruz

Title of Work: Wisdom Warriors (the world turned upside down t-shirt), 2019

Medium: hand-made piece, with printed textile

Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm

Price: £225

Edition Number: Unique

With signed Certificate of Authenticity

Shipping £10


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Wisdom Warriors’ is a parafictive collective brought into existence by means of sound, video, installation and performance, through which I recount its stories and adventures. They represent a failed revolutionary project, a movement which attempted a technological ‘slow-down’, in order to disrupt the endlessly increasing speed of Western society, and yet found itself trapped by the very system it sought to dismantle. Following my stay at the Residency 11:11 in London, the video-performance “Wisdom Diggers” unfolded the fictional collective’s work within the political context of the U.K., entangling it with local revolutionary movements such as the Levellers and Diggers (17th Century) and the London Revolution Society (1788–1793). During this period I created this textile pattern and t-shirt, based on the representation of "The World Turned Upside Down” from 1646.