11:11 Screening Room: audio and transcription archive

11:11 Screening Room no.2 with Savyasachi Anju Prabir, 01.06.21 - 30.06.21 

Listen to our conversation bellow or click here for the transcription of our conversation with Savyasachi discussing his work, life in Goa and the crossovers between anthropology and art.

References relating to our chat proposed by Savyasachi:

Pictures of You by Rory McLean, Stories of Mister Wood by Martine Stig & Vanessa van DamDocuments of Contemporary Art: Sound, Ammi: Letter to a democratic mother by Saeed Mirza, The Lies that bind by Kwame Anthony Appiah

11:11 Screening Room no.1 with Esther Gatón, 01.04.21 - 31.04.21