11:11 Screening Room: Esther Gatón

Machine white sun, 01.04 - 15.04 

—the softest mud that sees, 15.04 - 30.04

With our new website, comes our new 11:11 online screening room. Bi-monthly we will be screening moving image works and sharing conversations between the artist(s) and 11:11 facilitators Giulia Shah and Alex Bell.  


We are really excited to announce Esther Gatón as our first artist showing her two moving image works Machine White Sun and —the softest mud that sees during April 2021. We will be speaking to Esther about the relationship between her object based and moving image work, her interest in the “fake”, the dazzling everyday, creation of suspense, language, writing, reading and lots more. Tune in to watch Esther's mesmerizing videos and listen to our chats over the month. 


Esther Gatón is a multi disciplinary artist, recently graduated with a MFA from Goldsmiths University. Esther lives and works between London and Madrid.