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Image shows digital hand-drawn balconies and windows dotted across a pale yellow background

May 2020

Garden, Cook, Sing is about finding a different platform to distribute work and test out ideas relating to home, memory and domestic space. With no specific conclusion this publication brings together texts, videos and images by 11:11’s previous residents and friends. Whether concluded works, fragments of a larger whole or a new thought, we chose to highlight the process of creation of ideas over product-driven making, reflecting the ethos of the residency in general.

With our home in London being at the heart of the residency programme, our first 11:11 online publication has been informed by the domestic, the spaces we live in and the memories they hold. 


Narration Group Curriculum.jpg

Image shows a collaged logo in red; an eye in a circle, and an outstretched arm, text reads NARRATION GROUP CURRICULUM, on a pale pink background


November 2019

CURRICULUM FOR COLLECTIVE PRACTICE draws together transcribed conversations and documentary illustrations by London-based illustrator Olivia Twist.


This extract contains a conversation between Giulia Shah, artist and founder of Residency 11:11, and Narration Group co-convener Davinia-Ann Robinson. The discussion questions how knowledge can be generated outside of traditional educational and cultural institutions and how this approach has shaped Residency 11:11.

Reading by Osmosis.png

Reading by Osmosis, Nature Interprets Us (Excerpt)

May 2019

Semâ Bekirović curated an exhibition at the Glazen Huis in Amsterdam in the spring of 2019, and which eventually evolved into a book. The exhibition, called ‘Reading by Osmosis’, was a group show with a somewhat unusual starting point: it featured the works of only non-human participants.


People have always turned to nature for inspiration and material. This time, it was the other way around. Among the participating artists were moss, the North Sea, oysters, fire, gravity, and a hummingbird.

Image shows a back sandal-like shoe covered in green moss growing on it, photographed on a blank white background


Model of

October 2018

Model of publication came about as part of Lisa's research undertaken during her residency with us at 11:11, exploring the representation systems of space and ways to display them. Her research takes its roots in the dilemma of displaying architecture. Focusing on architectural model making as a medium that can be used to represent space, Model of proposes a study of the concept of “miniature reality” and what it means today, as an artist, architect, viewer or consumer. "What fascinates me is the power of potentiality they carry : a model is a terrain for utopia, a representation of a perfect world and the possibility to create fiction by using codes of representation inherent of its own form."

Image shows tabloid newspaper with images and Title 'Model Of', a few stacked on a chipboard tabletop, surrounded with sheets from the publication taped across various structures