Judith Neunhäuserer


Judith works on attempts of demarcation, aesthetic and epistemic commonalities between (natural) science and religion. This involves, for instance, looking at myths and dreams as the basis of discoveries, the ritualisation of research processes and different languages and symbol systems.

During Judith's stay with us, she was preparing for an Arctic sailing expedition happening in April 2022. Judith is especially interested in the perspective of humanities on polar research through a feminist lens and focusses on critical perspectives of the history of „discovery and conquest“ through artistic expressions.

Judith presented Polar Gleams, a lecture performance, at the end of her residency period.

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Polar Gleams

Chapter I

My anticipations


She is off to the North Pole! was the exclamation of my friends, as I left London on the 18th of July 1893, bound for Siberia, the grim and rueful land of many sorrows, as we have learned to think of it. 

Youth and love of adventure inspired me with a longing for new experiences, regardless of unforeseen perils and friendly warnings.

I only felt elated with the thought of a visit to arctic regions, unlike all that I had hitherto seen and enjoyed in fairer climes. 

The terrors of the sea to an inexperienced and bad sailor are no doubt formidable drawbacks, but they were overborne, as were all other anticipated dangers, by a weird resistless impulse to sail through the icebergs of the Kara Sea, up the mighty Yenesei River, and to be the first of my sex to do so. All this was sufficient to determine me to accept an invitation for such an enterprise, even though we should not exactly reach the goal of so much ambition, and solve the problem whether or not we might feast on strawberries and cream at the North Pole.


- Helen Peel, 1894



Special thanks to Swiss Church in London for hosting Judith's event.