Jon Cornbill

Jon is an interdisciplinary Artist and Curator from Newcastle and Gateshead. He uses video, performance, sculpture and event hosting that operates as a contemporary societal and cultural intrigue and diagnosis, stimulating discussion around the systems we live under and communities that we are part of; treading a line between a disarming, skewed humour and a gentle appetite for hope. The work sifts through music, technology, off and online communities and class. During his stay with us he was/will continue developing a new curatorial project, Tool, Not Limb.

TNL seeks to explore ideas around personal technology and subcultures. In particular, the interchange between the last ‘real’ youth movement, Acid House, and what gained youth fascination a generation later, namely, social technologies and personal online representation. 

Tool, Not Limb is an optimistic proclamation, a call to arms to readdress our relationship with technology. By weaving together the lessons learned in the development of culture heading into the 21st century, from Acid House to Big Data, while encouraging a positive (but maybe absurd) commitment to collective ideas and beliefs, we can track the digital commodification, representation and engagement of the cultural (r)evolution, and the subsequent domination of Platform Capitalism in our current time, discussing a period where technology shifted from a useful tool to an indispensable and all-knowing limb.

Tool, Not Limb will eventually materialise as an art show in some way but for now, in its embryonic stages, it will exist as an online, collaborative, peer-to-peer learning doc.,_Not_Limb!-keep 

There, you’ll find a full introduction to the themes and structure of work so far and are encouraged to engage in the conversation, post links to relative material and content, and generally have a stake in Tool, Not Limb as it grows.  This learning can give us a new way to unpick our present situation and provide a toolkit to rebuild a previously cancelled future. 

While with us, Jon was seeking out artists, curators, activists, academics, writers, journalists, DJs, dancers, promoters, programmers, technologists, coders and community organisers who are interested in, or were active during, this time of cultural dematerialisation; from the last parties of one millennium to the digital solitude of the next.

Get in touch with Jon directly to get involved or speak to him about his project at 

Sadly Jon’s residency was cut short due to changing covid-19 restrictions. He will be back to complete his time when the situation betters!