INCURSIONS is a project by Archie Smith and Kitty McKay exploring the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne through participatory walking forums. The act of walking produces conversations and collages of a city, reimagined again and again. 


Using walking as a collaborative container for discourse around psychogeographic negotiations of neoliberal cityscapes, delving into overlapping magical histories and personal experiences of pop culture, critical theory, identity, nostalgia and memory, INCURSIONS exists as a public social engagement with others, as well as an ongoing collaborative audio-visual archiving project. Not strictly about the route walked, or the act of walking, or even the specificities of the city, INCURSIONS is invested in the generative quality of walking with others, the avenues guided and gifted when people bring their experiences and anecdotes, stories and parallax views, reverberating with the weird mismatched archive unknowingly built since we became friends at art school.

This archive of sorts is a collection of sounds and songs, conversations had, books, blogs, a lot of k-punk reading, a shared love of radio, emails from friends, films, some films we’ve made, more films we’ve seen, newspaper clippings, Google Street View screen grabs and a few Savage Messiah inspired posters.