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INCURSIONS is a collaborative project based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, hosting participatory walks in the city as forums for discussion and documentation of neoliberal topographies. In residence for the month of May 2020, INCURSIONS moved out of the city and online, sharing an archive of art and research, created and collected, as well as sharing FROM HERE radio broadcasts each Sunday evening for the month. An archive of the shows can be found here. 

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The End of a Love Affair (Vocal Only Take from ‘The Audio Story’) - Billie Holiday

Them - Nils Frahm

Battle (feat. Lain) [Recorded at For Kpunk, Ormside Projects, January 2019]  - Wookie

LondonunderLondon [Recorded at For Kpunk, Ormside Projects, January 2019] - Mark Fisher & Justin Barton 

Plays Cornelius Cardew (Part 1) - Ekkehard Ehlers

Ain’t No Weight - Blue Eyed Soul

Quote from Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene - Donna Harraway

Conversation with Abel Shah (Part 1)

Mimetic - Oli XL

Alberto Balsam - Aphex Twin

Conversation with Natasha Eves (Part 1)

Too Much Work Load (feat. Prince Far I & Bim Sherman) - Singers & Players

Curious (feat. Ms.Haptic) - Kode 9 & the Spaceape

The Angels Fell - Dillinja

Conversation with JD Taylor (Part 1)

Feelin (feat. Spin & Taso) - DJ Rashad

Trip to the Moon (Part 2) - Acen

Conversation with Abel Shah (Part 2)

Sean Flynn - The Clash

Conversation with Natasha Eves (Part 2)

my mind like explosions - BFFT

Conversation with Natasha Eves (Part 3)

Life’s a Gas - Kid Ink

Conversation with JD Taylor (Part 2)

Midnight in Peckham - Chaos In the CBD

Red Sex - Vessel

Axolotl - Doon Kanda

Glue - Bicep

Better Place (DJ Trace Mix) - DJ Tamsin & Monk

T_T heartbroken T_T (2015) - AYA (fka LOFT)

3D Anthem (Dubplate) - DJ 3D

Drawn - Little Dragon & De La Soul

Babylon - Splash

love + friendship 31/05/20 

For the final FROM HERE broadcast we regressed into the sentimental realms of love and friendship, as political projects and personal joys, as modellings for new ways of being with others, now more than ever! In this final chapter, we’re turning to our own experiences of friendship and community as literal sustenance; the euphorias and the complexities, chatting about collaboration and hosting and new ways of communicating, to gather people into gatherings. 


Featuring a conversation with collaborative tour de force, Abel Shah, asking each other, duo to duo, questions about collaborating and communicating, as well as chats with our friends about our own personal, lovely, challenging and deeply important networks, rooted and cemented in personal and political ruptures, in clubs, pubs, undercommons and pop cultures. There's music and memories, love letters to the spaces, times and initiatives that gather us, plus more from Dan Taylor about political empowerment through friendship, ways of forming community and the joys of the confidence produced through it. 


With a foundation laid throughout the last three weeks, from abject defeat, into confidence and community, articulated through countercultures and counternarratives in this city and beyond, FROM HERE #4 ties up some loose ends, whilst leaving enough unlaced, to keep the lattices of a network open, from here and into outer worlds.

a new future will not emerge from 'out there' but emerge from right here - from ourselves working on the stuff of our own lives with others. this aim begins with something very simple: friendship and the joy that is produced through it

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In Every Dream Home a Heartache - Roxy Music

Plays Cornelius Cardew (Part 1) - Ekkehard Ehlers

FEEL - Kendrick Lamar

Quote from The Order and Connection of Ideology Is the Same as the Order and Connection of Exploitation: Or, Towards a Bestiary of the Capitalist Imagination - Jason Reed

Magic Spells - Yank Scally

Echoes Of My Mind - Axel Boemann

Conversation with Archive For Change (Part 1)

Rocksteady - Young Echo

Quote from A Visionary Sense of London - Laura Grace Ford

Animal Style - Demdike Stare

Lionels Dub - Parris

Conversation with Archive For Change (Part 2)

Spit Valve - Paul Rooney

Seven Spheres - Chants 

What Kinda Pain Are We Taking About? - Ikonika

I Feel Love - CRW

Conversation with Archive For Change (Part 3)

Dismantle - Andy Stott

Conversation with Archive For Change (Part 4)

I Can Make You Feel Freedom Into Katri (Feat. Pearl De Luna) - Slauson Malone

Kin To Coal - Vessel 

Conversation with Archive for Change (Part 5)

Myth - Batang Frisco 

Conversation with Archive For Change (Part 6)

Neverlasting Love - East of Oceans

Claim It - Klein

The Clappers - Lukid 

Headspace (Ground Control Mix) - Neuroshima 

Guided (Broken Home pt. 4) - Gill Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven 



This FROM HERE broadcast begins roughly where we left off last week, conjuring resistance and confidence through and in communities, exploring how counternarratives can retell histories and unearth alternative stories for our cities to, in turn, retell alternative futures.

our desire, our loves and hates, are already shaped by narratives, by scripts inherited through television and books. We enter into a world already scripted. This means that the scenarios that we imagine, the stories and narratives that we consume, inform our understanding of reality, not in the sense that we confuse fiction with reality, but that the basic relations that underlie our fictions shape our understanding of reality. It is not that we confuse fiction with reality, believing everything that we see, but that the fundamental elements of every narrative, events, actions, and transformations, become the very way that we make sense of reality.

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We explore the ways in which art practices can construct new futures in our cities and for our communities, looking to archiving as a method for holding, preserving and presenting the histories forced into forgetting by dominant narratives. Featuring a conversation with the filmmakers behind Archive for Change, an archive based in Newcastle's West End, we trace histories of regeneration and dislocation, addressing the importance and complexities of archival practices. We share more about our work, thinking about the processes of collecting and collaging we engage in as another form of archiving, to disrupt concretised and objective narratives imposed upon communities, space and place.

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Imperfect List (Andrew Weatherall mix) - Big Hard Excellent Fish

Glass (feat. the Spaceape) - Kode 9

Plays Cornelius Cardew (Part 1) - Ekkehard Ehlers

Quote from Abandon Hope (Summer is Coming) - kpunk

Conversation with poet and writer, Alex Niven

Come Let us (Feat. Gregory Whitehead) - Mark Pritchard

Myopia - xin

Quote from Abandon Hope (Summer is Coming) - kpunk

You Only Dub Twice - Olivier Julien and Floyd Afrika

Conversation with cultural worker, Clare Smith

Mountain (Jam City Remix) - LA Priest

Sunny Stories - Gazelle Twin

Among The Living - Trim

Quote from Island Story - JD Taylor p. 133

The Shock of Hope - Laurence Pike

Milton Keynes - A Taut Line

Idontknow - Jamie XX

Conversation with artist, writer, educator and activist, Susan Kelly

Listen and See as They Take - Klein

Your Body - Ikonika 

Quote from Abandon Hope (Summer is Coming) - kpunk

Conversation with writer, JD Taylor

Making Love to Volca - Gavsborg 

Elephant Man - Time Cow & RTKal

How Many Ways - DJ 3D

Because You’re Frightened - Magazine

Conversation with artist, writer, educator and activist, Susan Kelly 

You’ll Never Walk Alone (Recorded at the Durham Miners Gala, 2012) - Pittington Brass Band

Conversation with writer and poet, Alex Niven

Good Lads, Bad Lads - Jam City

Wooden Bag - Richard Dawson

A reading of Gallowgate from Newcastle Sonnets - Alex Niven

Going Home - Alice Coltrane

care, communities and counter-cultures


This week, we will share conversations and tunes, loosely orbiting questions of care and (counter)cultures, their roles in cities and their affects in forming collective resistances. We trace an unravelling of the future, reciting the time and space from 1960 to the present moment, attempting to conjure the absent collective subject as we go. From under modernist architectures of a welfare state and undoubting civic confidence, through dismantled collective capacities and class war, into the austerity of the present moment, we ask what obstructs a collective capacity to act and care. Through our conversations with artists, writers, archivists and cultural workers, we ask in what ways we can move from the incapacitating grips of fear and into a lucid collective confidence.


Revolving round a personally treasured k-punk blogpost from 2015, ‘Abandon Hope, Summer is Coming’, written in the face of political defeat after the 2015 General Election, we think about the production of resistant and reflexive counternarratives to inhabit and to find solidarity from within 


Contributors this week include Alex Niven, author of New Model Island, musician and poet, about 1960s Newcastle, socialist modernism and the blind confidence of T. Dan Smith’s provocative Labour council, as well as Clare Smith, a cultural worker in the city, whose experiences at the turn of the millennium, recounts times of increased cultural outreach, providing a trajectory for where we stand now, scrambling in austerity's schisms. We also speak with author of Island Story, JD Taylor, about communities of care and how they can and must be recognised within a wider patchwork of resistance. We'll be sharing a discussion on the extitution, communities and business as usual with activist, artist and educator, Susan Kelly, who taught us both at art school, instilling a commitment to militant political organisation, foundational to our collaboration and to our friendship. 

Undulating roads, walkways, cars and bodies, a pram, a bunch of teenagers, some vertigo, the grandest Central Development Plan, and then some years without history. 

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Our Death / Abject 2 (After Baudelaire) (Recorded at MayDay Rooms, London, 2018) – Sean Bonney

Babylon – Splash 

On Vanishing Land – Justin Barton & Mark Fisher

She'll Be Gone – DJ Q

Plays Cornelius Cardew 1 – Ekkehard Ehlers

Conference of the Birds – Dave Holland Quartet

Interview with artist and curator, Rita Aktay

Kelele – Judgitzu

Anna Greenspan quote from Capitalism's Transcendental Time Machine

King (ft. The Ekonda Women) [Ebi Soda Rework] – Ian Simmonds

The Streets Are Empty (ft. Nil00) – Yank Scally

Inheritance – Test Dept.

Open Your Palm, Feel The Dust Settle There – Laura Grace Ford

Mark Fisher quote from Rave: Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture 

Jill Scott Herring OST – Dean Blunt 

Masonry Pier – Shelley Parker

The Sky Has a Film (ft. Kit Downes) – Max de Wardener

The Runner – Military Genius

Routine – Skee Mask

Extent – Arca 

Stress Ganz – Oli Xl

Raised – IVVVO 

Dollis Hill – Lee Gamble

Seaside Sketch 1 – Olivier Julien (with Natasha Eves)

Father I Stretch My Hands – Pastor T.L. Barrett