Grace Collins and James McColl


Am I hungry or do I just think you're hungry?

During a scarcity of opportunities to co-create large-scale participatory art, Grace Collins and James McColl turn to each other, sending voice recordings back and forth. Over hours of voice recordings, the topics of conversation range from reflections about their time on alternative MA School of the Damned, complaints about admin tasks and the struggles of art making. An attempt to escape the pressure of overcrowded Zoom meetings, a user-unfriendly environment presented to most people throughout 2020, became an opportunity to become friends.


For 11:11 Online, this ongoing conversation, which has begun to turn in on itself, assessing the tone and effects of creating an intimate yet remote relationship, was the material for a body of work; a comment on participation, facilitation, hosting and friendship, playing with the possibility of ‘unproductive’ relationships between arts workers.


The work is available to download here or by clicking on the excerpt below:

Grace & James 11 RES INFO.png