Garden, Cook, Sing

MAY 2020

With our home in London being at the heart of the residency programme, our first 11:11 online publication has been informed by the domestic, the spaces we live in and the memories they hold. 


Since work started on the publication at the beginning of 2020, ideas of domesticity, production and how we inhabit spaces have drastically transformed with the current pandemic. In this moment of reflection we've found the urge and relevance to produce has shifted. We are finding new ways to create, and more importantly, doing this at a different pace. 


Garden, Cook, Sing is about finding a different platform to distribute work and test out ideas relating to home, memory and domestic space. With no specific conclusion this publication brings together texts, videos and images by 11:11’s previous residents and friends. Whether concluded works, fragments of a larger whole or a new thought, we chose to highlight the process of creation of ideas over product-driven making, reflecting the ethos of the residency in general.


Featuring Savyasachi Anju Prabir, Alif Ibrahim, Erika Roux, Lazeez Raimi, Alex Bell & Giulia Shah, Lisa Sudhibhasilp, Semâ Bekirović, Ryan Moses, Johanna Klingler, Davinia-Ann Robinson, Alle Dicu & Tajana Kosor + dinner guests, Sarah White, Diogo da Cruz, Amir Saifullin and Alice Clingan.


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Alif Ibrahim
Erika Roux
Savyasachi Anju Prabi
Alex Bell & Giulia Shah
Lisa Sudhibhasilp
Lazeez Raimi
Semâ Bekirović
Ryan Moses
Alle Dicu & Tajana Kosor + dinner guests
Johanna Klingler
Davinia-Ann Robinson
Sarah White
Diogo da Cruz
Amir Saifullin
Alice Clingan