What is the difference between the domestic residency and the online residency?


The main difference between the two residencies is that the domestic residency involves a one month residence period in London, UK. Here we offer a place to live and work on a new body of research. 


The 11:11 Online residency is accessed from your computer screen and encourages residents to explore and share a new body of research via our online platform. 11:11 Online focuses on questions around the intersection of art, technology and accessibility. 


Can you apply as a collective/duo/collaboration?


Collectives and other collaborative practices can apply for the 11:11 Online Residency programme only. Due to lack of space the domestic residency can only accommodate individuals. We do however, very much encourage collaborations between 11:11 residents and local practitioners.  


How many residencies take place at once?


Only one residency takes place at once. 


Is there wheelchair access to the accommodation?


Unfortunately the residency accommodation is based on the second floor of a victorian building and does not have a lift or wheelchair access.  


What costs are covered by the residency?


Residency 11:11 is a self-funded initiative running on generous donations of time and space. We are currently not able to give any financial support but offer free housing which includes a single bedroom with desk space, a private bathroom and access to our shared living room and kitchen. Travel costs and living expenses need to be covered by residents. 

11:11 Online residency offers free use of our 11:11 Online residency webpage, and zoom and instagram account if relevant.

Any other questions get in touch with Giulia at residency1111@gmail.com