Esther Gatón

Machine white sun, 2020

01 April - 15 April, 2021

—the softest mud that sees, 2020

15 April - 30 April, 2021

Esther Gatón screened her two moving image works Machine White Sun and —the softest mud that sees. We spoke to Esther about the relationship between her object-based and moving image work, her interest in the “fake”, the dazzling everyday, creation of suspense, language, writing, reading and lots more.



Listen to our chat with Esther about Machine White Sun and click here for the transcription.

Mentioned in conversation 

The Thing in All of Its Instances as It Happens on Esther Gaton's MACHINE WHITE SUN (2020) by Rita Aktay, Cibrián Gallery, The Aquatic Ape, Moby Dick,Learning From Las Vegas by Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi and Steven Izenour

Other references relating to our chat proposed by Esther:

An Ethics of Sexual Difference by Luce Irigaray,


From Vatican To Vegas by Norman Klein