Erika Roux

Erika is a Rotterdam-based French artist. With an experimental approach to cinematic methods and observational modes of filming she investigates complexities embedded in identity and societal interactions. In her videos, she often plays with the act of embodying a character, either fictional or existing, paying attention to the fluctuations and disruptions existing within acting and constructing narratives. In her constructed scenes she is always trying to triggers the moments of becoming in which hesitations or contradictions become visible. By reinforcing these undecided and unassertive moments, she tries to propose other forms of existing in the world that can counter assertive and hyper-performative modes of being. 

During her stay with Residency 11:11, Erika investigated work that propose different ways to use audiovisual language and writing in order to explore the relationship between subjectivity and our existence within the outside world from a female perspective.


Erika held a film screening and participatory reading as part of her stay with us.


Special thanks to HOXTON 253 art project space for hosting Erika's event