Alle Dicu


Alle embarked on a collaborative experimental writing project with Croatian philosophy researcher Tajana Kosor while staying with us in London. With an interest in the relationship between the notion of the dancefloor and waitingrooms Alle and Tajana's research started off from a work of Maurice Blanchot called "Waiting, oblivion" (1962). Alle and Tajana are currently back in Bucharest and Zagreb and will continue to edit their texts for this to be published into a publication at a later date.

Alle Dicu is a Romanian artist working predominantly across moving image, performance and text. Alle lives and works between Bucharest and Paris. 

Tajana Kosor is a Croatian philosophy researcher and writer in Zagreb. 

For Alle's public presentation, she shared some of the texts written with Tajana Kosor as well as presented her video work "Mixage".

MIXAGE, 18 minutes, french with english subtitles
François Guérif used to describe the black novel as the investigation of the sordid and dysfunctional, masked by the renovated facade of the house that we introduce to children as the world of people. Alle Dicu also investigates obscurity, revealing an aura of its own, possibly useful to those who know how to let themselves be carried in its direction. “Mixage” is a manifesto for a solitary, stormy and stronger eye.




Special thanks to HOXTON 253 art project space for hosting Alle's event.