Aaron Tan

For, 2020


1 October - 31 October, 2021

Aaron Tan is an artist and PhD student at the University of Cumbria, undertaking practice-led research on the LYC Museum & Art Gallery (1972-1983) by the artist Li Yuan-chia. His research examines the museum's pioneering and radical programme as an embodiment of his practice, which centred around participation and hospitality in rural Cumbria. He is engaged in recovering and animating the critical possibilities of the museum as artwork in today's political and artistic currencies, using event or durational based installations, performances and choreographic methods as modes of inquiry.


This work-in-progress was mostly edited from recordings of zoom performances during lockdown; experiments in live reading and writing enacted in the digital co-presence of remote communication technologies. There was an interest in testing out thresholds around hospitality, embodiment and co-authorship in these ‘live’ digital interfaces and attention economies, and the materialities and proximities that could emerge from that. These fraught experiments were then re-composed alongside other moving image vignettes, in a modulating and shifting matrix of affects, non-places, values, relations and flows.​


Listen to our conversation bellow or click here for the transcription of our conversation with Aaron discussing his work, movement, the use of moving image, discarded object and "collaborating" with someone who is no longer with us.

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Li Yuan-chiaLYC Museum, John Rylands Research Institute and Library