movements in twilight

movements in twilight is a shared journal and online performance. Coming from their different but intertwined realities and based in different parts of the world, Wei Ling and Yoojin have been sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences, observations, memories and fragments from the everyday through image, text, sound and video during their residency. It is an attempt in reimagining ‘movement’, together. They are working from their experiences of delving into and embodying (non)movement, personally and in their practices. The process of their exchange and journey is visible and accessible as an online publication throughout the month of September 2021. Some of the things that this leaky container holds or moves nearby are: memory, becoming (m)other, labour, water, pathway, transition, migration, liminal, insularity, reverberation. The performance will draw from the materials gathered in the journal and the chat box above by (re)scripting, (re)activating and (re)enacting them.

Through and within movements in twilight, time and space hover, daily routines turn surreal and thoughts cross borders. There are movements of bodies, movements of energy, movements of wondering/wandering. There are (in)visible movements and (in)audible movements. It is how perceptions and behaviours change. How bodies change. How islands of individuals and groups meet and part on undulating frequencies. How can one make a move in a state of stillness or heightened velocity?