Residency 11:11 is an artist-led residency offering domestic and online residencies alongside a public programme of events and workshops. Initiated by artists Giulia Shah and Alexandra Bell in 2018, the residency runs from their flat in London. 


Residency 11:11’s domestic residency is a research based residency situated in a residential shared flat in London. For a duration of one month the residency aims to connect its guests to the city’s artistic landscape, encouraging practitioners to explore local discourses and collaborations.


Since 2019 we have been facilitating an online residency programme. The 11:11 Online residency is accessed from your computer screen and encourages residents to explore and share a new body of research via our online platform. 11:11 Online focuses on questions around the intersection of art, technology and accessibility. 


11:11 supports art practitioners by opening up the network of Friends of 11:11. By creating transnational connections we are interested in diverse practices that question the role of art and how this can differ across borders, histories and economies. 


Residents are invited to apply through open calls.


Any questions get in touch with Giulia at

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